Dr. Shakur is a dynamic and energetic personality who motivates, inspires, and captivates audiences with her engaging and candid talks.

Dr. Shakur is an Educator, Historian, Author, Activist, Motivational Speaker, Shaman, Poet, hosts The Queen Ahmadiyyah Shakur TV Show, Authentic Blaque Goddess TV, Queen Ahmadiyyah TV Presents – Beyond The Realm, Queen Ahmadiyyah TV – More Than Meets The Third Eye, Queen Ahmadiyyah Presents – The Root of All Evil and a podcast on Anchor and Spotify titled Low Frequency Hertz.

As a speaker and mentor Dr. Shakur is all about authenticity and is very intuitive as any of her base can verify. Dr. Shakur holds degrees in Public Administration, Criminal Justice, Divinity, and Metaphysics.

She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, deemed a Serial Killer Expert and was also awarded for her work with the Society of Amateur Forensic Examiners.